A View from My Couch

boomer online shopping

A View from My Couch

boomer online shopping

I finally did it. This year I joined the 41% of Boomers who prefer to shop online.

For the first time, I have finally bought into the idea of online shopping. I used to worry that my stuff would get lost in shipping or end up at the neighbor’s house. I guess that was ‘old-school’ thinking.

I finally have all of the necessary usernames and passwords, all stored properly in a place where I can find them. I am no longer considered a “Guest Member.”

I am happily couch-bound this year. Here are the reasons I am not moving…

  1. You can shop in the middle of the night. Old Spice is a heavy sleeper.
  2. You can get stuff in multiple sizes FOR FREE— and the next day it can all go back FOR FREE. I have no idea how some retailers are making money.
  3. You have to run into nobody. Enough said.
  4. Parking is FREE. So far, there is no meter on the couch.
  5. You can get anything your holiday list desires. Millennials are experts at sending links…and voila! The gift is ‘en route’ and I am still ‘on couch’. Did they notice it’s coming from Tokyo?
  6. Obviously all this leads me to the absolute best part…you don’t have to leave your house!
  7. You can see what the clothes really look like because (presumably) your mirror is not slanted. There is no skinny side. You can catch a glimpse of yourself naked all by yourself in a real mirror. It’s not pretty— but it’s not slanted.
  8. And you can find almost anything online without having to drive and park at six different stores, only to hear they just sold the last one!


I must say there is pure joy in having Lite-Brite delivered to your front door. There is also pure joy in knowing that Lite-Brite is still a thing!

Wishing everyone a happy peaceful and joyful new year — from a couch in a caftan with Old Spice.


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