This is the journey of being 50. It is about rediscovering and reinventing ourselves.

This story of post-50 success is no longer one of the prodigies, but of a new generation who is finding freedom and reinvention in the second-half of life.



I stepped away from a successful career as a TV news anchor to raise a family, and now, empty-nested and newly remarried, my writing offers real life perspective on starting fresh at 50, with  a combination of inspiration, humor, and hope.

Lauren Chesley writes for Make It Better and LEAD Cincinnati and is writing her first book. She is walking the talk and blogging about it along the way, about the journey of being ‘unapologetically you’ post-50.

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Lauren is a dynamic and inspirational (and funny!) speaker and writer, drawing from her personal experience of finding new style, new beginnings, new relationships, new adventures and taking risks along the journey to reconnecting with oneself in the second half of life.

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