I Saw Carpe Diem at 70 and it was Awesome!

I Saw Carpe Diem at 70 and it was Awesome!

By Lauren Chesley, The Stuff of Life

Carpe Diem Tatoo for 70 year oldWhat does it actually mean to seize the day…to silence your phone and your mind and live in the moment?

This is a hard one for me. In fact, I almost got run over by zooming traffic because I was so busy texting while walking (still not illegal) that I didn’t even notice the crosswalk sign was flashing and blinking, “Don’t Walk.”

Carpe Diem Wrigley Building

I didn’t even notice I was the only one in the middle of the street. I didn’t even notice until I heard cars honking LOUDLY at me. It is that distracting feeling where your head is in a million places…and where you forget to stop and look up and look out.Carpe Diem Skyline
However, yesterday I was challenged to push PAUSE and seize the day. I felt a bit like Ferris Bueller…playing “hooky” in the streets of Chicago, my new city, although perhaps in this case I was Ferris’ Cameron Frye.

And who was Ferris? Let me answer with a question. How many 70 year old women do you know who get a tattoo? How many 70 year old women do you know who get a tattoo that says, “Carpe Diem” and actually walk the talk? My dear friend Moe—that’s the only one I know.
Carpe Diem Art InstituteMoe thinks big and out of the box! She decided in honor of her 70th birthday that she would travel to 70 places in her 70th year. By this I mean serious travel…India, South America, Europe and on and on and on…

Carpe Diem The Bean Chicago

As it turns out, both Chicago and I made the list. Next week will be number 70 when Moe heads to Bhutan to conclude her birthday dream…to truly live by the words tattooed on her upper arm. It is truly a badge of courage! One I find myself in awe of…and inspired by.

But yesterday I was number 69 on someone else’s list. (We did have to chuckle about that number.) As unplugged as I could be (phone on vibrate) I joined the Moe journey. We ventured and drank and talked our way through a beautiful glorious fall day in Chicago. No agenda—Carpe Diem Bikes

I have lived here nearly two months and I have been so busy being busy that I have forgotten to look up and look out. Guess what—the Art Institute is spectacular. Guess what else…wine at 2 pm is lovely…and Fannie May candy right out of the box is close to heavenly!

Carpe Diem Candy ShopCould I ever travel alone around the world? Could I ever let go long enough to allow life to just lead me? Would I ever get a tattoo? Could I ever travel the world with one small “wheelie bag?”

Carpe Diem Restaurant

Happy Birthday Moe—and thank you for my early birthday present. I will be 53 next week (unlikely to get a tattoo)   But, I will journey on. And in this year I will force myself more often to “seize the day.”

Today, I will cherish the gift of friendship and the gift of time. Is there a better birthday present?

Carpe Diem Chicago River

Wherever you are today—look up and look out and be grateful for the moment that is right in front of you.

A Journey? Bravery? Adventure? Putting your phone on silent? What will be your “carpe diem” act today?

Carpe Diem PUmpkins


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  • Andi Mapes
    Posted at 22:04h, 16 October Reply

    Thank you for the reminder. Sometimes all it takes to seize a day is to open our eyes (and way to go Moe!).
    Dearest love,

  • Moe Rouse
    Posted at 22:49h, 16 October Reply

    IT’s easy seizing the day with a wonderful friend like you, Lauren. It was magical…and you need not go as far as Bhutan to have spiritual moments. I had them yesterday. Thank you. hugs, Moe

  • Amy Courage
    Posted at 08:21h, 07 November Reply

    I thoroughly enjoyed seizing the day with an unexpected Bloody Mary at noon (on a week day!!) with you and the spirit of Moe wafting through the Bistro.

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