Election Night One Year from Today: Choose to Care

Election Night One Year from Today: Choose to Care

Hillay Clinton with Lauren Chesley Family

Talk about reinvention. Talk about courage. Talk about passionate…I was simply inspired and moved by the words of Hillary Clinton, who was in her hometown of Chicago on Monday, campaigning.  I am sort of waving the American flag tonight—feeling hopeful and empowered.

Thanks to a well-connected brother. I had lunch today with “our next President,” Hillary Rodham Clinton—Damn!  She is awesome, powerful and inspiring—

I have actually had the honor to know her for many years. My dad always loved an underdog and he (and our family) joined the Clinton “train” in early 1992 when nobody thought a governor from Arkansas could beat George Bush (the one without the “W”).  Who could predict that Bill Clinton would be elected—twice.

Lauren Chesley and Hillary ClintonI also have been lucky enough to meet Secretary Clinton, once as first lady and New York Senator—and then again as my choice as the most powerful presidential contender eight years ago.

But eight years ago, the country hopped on board the “change” train. I will not deny the feeling I had eight years ago when I took my children into the voting booth and punched the ballot for the first African American President.

Perhaps it wasn’t Secretary Clinton’s turn then—but my friends, it is now. Her qualifications speak for her. There will be no “learning curve” or first 100 days to see who we have elected. She knows the White House (even where the bathroom is). She knows Congress.  She was a Senator. She knows the world—117 countries she has seen and touched as Secretary of State.

There is nobody more electable. There is nobody more qualified.

I am energized and excited for all that is possible.

IMG_0780I heard Secretary Clinton talk about the real issues that face our country—that face us as human beings.  It was one of many events that day in Chicago, including a gathering of families shattered by gun violence.

Sadly even as she was speaking, a nine year old boy was shot multiple times in the head and back, found in an alley in Chicago.   When will gun sellers be held accountable?  Guns in the hands of someone who is mentally ill opening fire in a classroom or a movie theater? When will it be enough?

I can no longer sit still and sit quietly.

Secretary Clinton urged us all to care about human rights—gay rights—women’s rights—voter rights. I urge you to care as well.

Exactly one year from now—the first Tuesday in November—we will have the right to decide—whether to make a difference or whether to step aside. Choose to care.

If you’re looking for me this January I might just be in Iowa working to make the right choice. It seems like a good place to “winter.”


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  • Susan Weinberg
    Posted at 08:18h, 05 November Reply

    Beautifully written and articulated.

  • Amy Courage
    Posted at 21:02h, 06 November Reply

    Inspiring post. Now’s her time. You’re goin’ to Iowa! I can feel it!

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