End of Year “To Do” and “Don’t Do” Lists

End of Year “To Do” and “Don’t Do” Lists

To Do Don't Do Lists

Sitting on runway number 19, waiting for take-off –UGH to holiday travel. However, staring out an airplane window is forcing me to come up with that LIST. You know the one I am talking about…the LIST for 2016.

The Do’s and the Don’ts. The hopes. The dreams. It’s time to jot it on paper and remember where I put it.

Let’s start with the To-Do List (some are lifers on the list–but always good to repeat every year):

  1. Be kind.

    This might seem obvious. This year I have been the recipient of so many random acts of pure kindness. Be mindful of how much your kindness means to others. Pay it forward. Be kind to strangers. Be kind to your parents. Be kind to yourself.

  2. Be alert.

    Stop texting and walking (and NEVER text and drive). Look around. Be aware. Be smart. Why? Go back to number 1…be kind and actually engage with the real people around you in real life.

  3. Be informed.

    We will elect a new president in 2016. Know the issues and know the candidates. Make up your own well-educated mind. Make a difference. Care enough to get involved. Make certain your newly voting-age children are registered to vote.

  4. Be grateful

    Basically, stop whining. Take two minutes every night to find gratitude. Best (or is this the worst?) case scenario is that it takes longer than two minutes to list it all.

  5. Be you.

    Who else are you going to be? It’s so much easier to be genuine. Faking it is exhausting and time consuming.

  6. Be on time.

    It is just rude to always be late. Stop making excuses and just be punctual. You are positively not the only busy person.

  7. Be flexible.

    Sometimes “stuff” happens…roll with it. Refer back to number 4…Stop whining!

  8. Be silly.

    Have fun. I don’t want to grow up and be boring. Do something a little bit bold–you know out of your comfort place.

  9. Be still.

    Remember to just turn everything off, “power down” and just be (inhale deeply, exhale) quiet.

  10. Take a guilt-free nap.

    Actually you don’t even need a reason. Just take a nap. Are you feeling old, cranky and tired? Keep it to yourself. Remember no whining. Put up the “do not disturb” sign. No explanation necessary.

  11. Sweat.

    Also known as real exercise…the kind where my heart is pounding and I am truly drenched in sweat. Not to be confused with “I am going to the gym and will stay there for 30 minutes hoping nobody catches me sneaking out.”

  12. Do more of what you love.

    Whatever it is, do more of it. Learn to say “no” to things you want less of and learn to say “yes” to those things that enrich you and make you a better person and bring you joy.

The Don’t List is always a little shorter than the Do’s…good to know I learn from past mistakes. Here are just a few, some gratuitous and standard, some new:

  1. Don’t comment on children’s Instagram page.

    I am just not that clever with a hashtag.

  2. Don’t closet smoke.

    Which follows “don’t do shots” (of any kind—slovenly behavior at 53 years old is rough and not very attractive).

  3. Don’t gossip

    I love a good juicy story, but usually it is not even accurate. Spreading rumors and half-truths is truly hurtful. Think of all the times someone has made up “stuff” about you.

  4. Don’t take yourself so seriously.

    Forgive yourself and move on. I make mistakes…and being human this is perfectly acceptable. That’s what New Year’s resolutions are for…

  5. Don’t be afraid to move on…move up…or move out.

    At least I am still moving–celebrating another year gone by and thankful that a new one is just around the corner and that I’m here to embrace it.

Forever grateful, wishing you a happy holiday.

What’s on your “to do” and “don’t do” lists?


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