Nora Ephron Tonight

Nora Ephron Tonight

Nora Ephron Everything is Copy

I can’t wait for tonight—pj’s on and clicker in hand I will be watching the HBO documentary Everything is Copy. It is the story about one of my super heroes…one of the all-time greats…Nora Ephron, touchingly written by her son Jacob Bernstein.

My mom loved her too. Nora Ephron died two weeks before my mom in the summer of 2012. In fact, the eulogy I wrote for my mom was an ode to Nora— things my mom will miss and things she will not.

There were two things I found in my mom’s car when I had to clean it out after she died. An umbrella—she was always prepared for whatever was to come—and a beautifully gift wrapped, signed copy of Nora’s last book, “I Remember Nothing.” The dedication began, “Dear Lauren…” Apparently my mom meant it as a surprise for me, and finding it this way forever intertwined these two amazing women in my memory.

Nora Ephron has made me laugh and cry and indeed realize that “life is messy.”

Thank you Nora Ephron for your honesty…humor…wit and words. Thank you Jacob Bernstein for giving us a glimpse of a mom and a daughter and a woman who has inspired so many of us to simply “live out loud.”

I am excited for tonight.

My own beautiful daughter, Lily, is 22 years old today…living it up on her own Spring Break .

Lily Lily as a baby

There’s Sunshine and 50 degree weather in Chicago.

And, I’m anticipating a cherished evening ahead with Nora Ephron.

It’s a damn good way to start the week. Here is to you…my mom…my daughter and Nora.

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