Home is Where Your Mom Is

Home is Where Your Mom Is

Lauren Chesley Stuff at Home

Rightsizing for the empty nest lifestyle meant a lot of choices in terms of what to keep and what to relinquish.  One of my favorite pieces in my home may not be the most valuable, but it is certainly the most valued.

It’s a piece that hangs above my workspace in my home that was made by my four children…water soluble paint on plain old craft paper.

These personal pieces are the ones that give character and personality to our personal spaces. Items that have special meaning that make you smile every time to you see them.

Having reminders of my kids makes my home feel, well, homey. It reminds me of the pillow they gave me as I prepared to empty the nest along with my last son, last fall…”Home is where your mom is.”

So, welcome home.




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